Saturday, 25 May 2013

My, how time has flown - again.
Since I lasted posted anything, I see that the rest of the world has caught up with my love of all things homemade.  What with Great British Bake Offs, Great British Sewing Bees and the Great Triple Dip Recession, everyone is busting a proverbial to have some home spun fun.

I have made some good stuff in the last wee while, but really do want to get a bit more dress making done.  I am a new comer to Burda Style magazine, and made rather a nice blouse tunic top, but it took me a long time.  I did learn some good dress making tips, eg how to put in an invisible zip (hmmm, I thought before that you just did it carefully, but grace à the Coleterie tutorial I have discovered it is a little more complicated than that).

I have however, had some homespun fun by having a baby, so that might explain some of the dearth of posts....