Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Charity begins at home

As a follow on from my previous post, I asked Patrick to take the bags which were at the bottom of the stairs to the charity shop today.
I spoke to him on the phone later and since he was out and about at that point in time, checked whether he had taken the bags to the shop and not included the sleeping bag which was also beside the clothes bags.
No, he said, he had just taken the 2 black bags to Marie Curie at the top of the road.

I then quickly telephoned Marie Curie to apologise for my boyfirend handing in 2 large black bags of rubbish.

They were remarkably relaxed about this and had thankfully not started to open them up to see the contents. Jolene circa 1996 etc ....

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Get a move on!

You are all familiar with the scene. 

I have been going through a cupboard tonight packing up its contents.  A lot of the contents have been binned (Jolene creme bleach circa 1996 anyone?) and a fair few are in the charity shop pile.

However, when one comes across a fascinator, some blood-red lipstick and 2 Braw Lads rosettes in a matter of minutes, it is definitely time for a photo shoot.

Back to the packing tape for now though.

Monday, 18 May 2009

sofa so good

Well, if you don't ask, you don't get!

I ordered a sofa from DFS a few weeks ago and at the time they told me it could be 12 weeks to deliver it. Which, under ordinary circs, would be ok, but at that point, the pending nuptials were 11 weeks away. I was becoming increasingly concerned that there would be no furniture in my livingroom when all my family were visiting. So, I wrote to DFS and said that I was getting married on the 27th June and needed somewhere for my in-laws to sit on the 26th and if they could find it in their hearts to help me with this, it would make a stressed-out bride a bit less frazzled. In other words, I laid it on thick.

Well...it worked. They got my letter today and phoned me to say that they will do their best to get the sofa to me in time, but if it looks as though it isn't going to be ready for delivery, they will arrange for some courtesy furniture to be delivered so there is seating for my family.

Isn't that just great?!! It was a particulary persuasive letter though, I have to say.

NB. do not spill red wine on the courtesy sofa.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hell's Kitchen

Here are some photos of the kitchen. In retrospect by looking at the before photo, does it seem as though we have spent months and ££ to recreate exactly what was there in the beginning?

So here we are at the early stages. The original kitchen to the left, and the works in progress following. The downstairs WC was removed, and the window removed,enlarged and centred. Story of any building works...I can the spade, the jacket but no fecking builder!!

However, it did come good in the end.

The units are an oak veneer, the counter top is just laminate, or some sort of melamine, but it looks pretty good. There are loads of cupboards and drawers, counter space and importantly, also a dishwasher!! Hooray!! And a functioning oven!! At last I will be able to stop my current climate control mechanism of just pressing the over door really hard to ensure the seal is complete.
I am so looking forward to getting moved in here and to creating a few nice meals in this room.

Monday, 11 May 2009


In a bid to add that all-important personal touch to my nuptial preparations I spent yesterday creating name place cards for the reception. I had been working overnight so the therapeutic folding and cutting and gluing was about all I was fit for, however I have created a very nice array of place cards I think.

Also the invitations arrived and they look magic. They were moderately priced, so I thought that a Blue Peter approach to the rest of the wedding stationery was appropriate. Pat said I shouldn't make them too good so that folk knew I'd done it myself. I think he underestminates our guests to detect DIY!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Time management

How embarrassing.

As part of my research methods course I had signed up to a Time Managment session.

As I left the house my encouraging beau shouted "don't be late!" ha ha ha.  Indeed, I was keen not to be late and had perhaps left slightly less time that would have been wise to walk to the relevant building.  However, I got there red faced.  Asked the chap at the desk where the room was and he pointed to the huge sign on the wall indictating  the directuoin of Conference Room 1.  

Which was empty.

I faffed around for a bit, looking n the room in case my fellow classmates were hiding and after I concurred that they weren't went and asked the chap at the front desk where this class was.  HE checked the room allocation register.  

"Time Management?" he enquired.  I nodded, then explained I had check on-line the night before to make sure I got the room right.  "Tomorrow.  9.30am to 12.30."

I thanked him for his help, acknowledged that I did in fact need to go on the course (which was patently obvious anyway) and said I would see him in the morning.

Oh, I love being me.