Sunday, 27 September 2009

julie & julia

P and I went to see Julie & Julia at the cinema the other day. It was a really lovely film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though it was slightly tainted by the fact that Julia Child didn't seem to approve of the girl's blog. In my hopeful self I just wished that J Child would think it all wonderful, and they would meet up and cook beurre blanc together washed down with a nice chablis.
I like to think that someone approves of my blog, enjoys it and washes it down with a nice chablis...

Monday, 21 September 2009

money money money

P and I are planning on going to France, possibly for a year, possibly without the financial aid of the French or British NHS's. Yikes! I did some sums about how much dough would be required and it was beginning to look quite scary. Much though I maintain that "our love will keep us warm/fed/transported/legal" in reality, we need savings.

Therefore, I am trialing a 1940's style financial rationing.

I am keeping a tally of all that I am spending, and trying to see what's, strictly speaking, not necessary. It is a painful process to lay bare how one disposes of one's disposal income. We do spend a lot of food, so that's going to have to be pruned back a bit, the home renovations will need to take something of a backseat and locum work is inevitable.

HOWEVER...going to France- how cool is that!!! If I ever needed a carrot/stick combo to get me to save some money, this is the big one.

Keep your fingers crossed for some economising updates.