Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hell's Kitchen

Here are some photos of the kitchen. In retrospect by looking at the before photo, does it seem as though we have spent months and ££ to recreate exactly what was there in the beginning?

So here we are at the early stages. The original kitchen to the left, and the works in progress following. The downstairs WC was removed, and the window removed,enlarged and centred. Story of any building works...I can the spade, the jacket but no fecking builder!!

However, it did come good in the end.

The units are an oak veneer, the counter top is just laminate, or some sort of melamine, but it looks pretty good. There are loads of cupboards and drawers, counter space and importantly, also a dishwasher!! Hooray!! And a functioning oven!! At last I will be able to stop my current climate control mechanism of just pressing the over door really hard to ensure the seal is complete.
I am so looking forward to getting moved in here and to creating a few nice meals in this room.

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