Monday, 18 May 2009

sofa so good

Well, if you don't ask, you don't get!

I ordered a sofa from DFS a few weeks ago and at the time they told me it could be 12 weeks to deliver it. Which, under ordinary circs, would be ok, but at that point, the pending nuptials were 11 weeks away. I was becoming increasingly concerned that there would be no furniture in my livingroom when all my family were visiting. So, I wrote to DFS and said that I was getting married on the 27th June and needed somewhere for my in-laws to sit on the 26th and if they could find it in their hearts to help me with this, it would make a stressed-out bride a bit less frazzled. In other words, I laid it on thick. worked. They got my letter today and phoned me to say that they will do their best to get the sofa to me in time, but if it looks as though it isn't going to be ready for delivery, they will arrange for some courtesy furniture to be delivered so there is seating for my family.

Isn't that just great?!! It was a particulary persuasive letter though, I have to say.

NB. do not spill red wine on the courtesy sofa.

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