Friday, 16 October 2009

Don't duck the question!

I cooked duck for the first time last night.
I will definitely cook it again, it was absolutely lovely. I saw Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers from Oct 7th on the iPlayer (of which I am a big fan [Nigel Slater and the iPlayer, I should say]).
So, here's how it went.

2 duck legs (currently half price in sainsburys)
seasoned with plently salt and pepper, with a good rub of Chinese 5 spice powder.
2 bay leaves (I forgot) are tucked in beside them and then roasted uncovered for about an hour.

Make a salad by segmenting a grapefruit and an orange. Add to this some watercress. I used spinach and added a good grind of pepper as a watercress substitute.

Pile the salad onto the plates.
Remove duck from the oven and the meat will pretty easily fall off the bone. Chop up the meat a bit, divide between the plates. There will be some citrus juice in the bottom of the bowl in which you mixed up the salad. Pour the fat off the roasting pan, then pour in the citrus juice and disolve the pan stickings. Pour this over the duck.


I should have taken a photo of this, because it looked very close to Nigel's version on the telly.
I'd give it 5*, I await your comments after you try it too.


  1. Absolutely delicious! This is the most amazingly nice thing that Emily has ever made for me. What can I say... Thank you Emmy! Patrick

  2. ps surely it should be "don't question the duck?"

  3. Ah, good point Anonymous, very funny!

  4. ha ha yes very funny!!! very funny it's me Patrick you loser xx xx

  5. yeah well whatever.
    I ACTUALLY, just for a few days thought someone other than a relative read this.
    More fool me. :(