Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oui from Paris

The French man I wrote to in Paris to ask if I could come and work in his unit got back to me. Very exciting indeed!!!

It was something of a long shot to write to him in the first place, but he replied and said he could see no obstacle (sp?) to welcoming me to their unit.


So I have written back and asked him to explain what it is I will be doing in their unit so that I can impress the funding people here and try and wangle some euro out of them to let me hot foot it across la manche.

So I was speaking to my hallowed supervisor today who questions how likely it is I will have finished my research by next August, which is when I want to go away, and wondered how likely it was that I would have my thesis written.

Well, it's probably not super-likely, but here is a photo of me signing the marriage schedule, and let's face it, a while ago it wasn't super-likely that I would be doing that bit of writing either.
(how weird does my left eye look?)

I remain hopeful and have resigned myself to the fact that I will need to do some thesis writing every day in life for the next 10 months.

There we go.

I've said it, it's in virtual print, so I'll just need to do it.

Word count updates to follow. :)


  1. note Patrick's right hand. An extra from the Adaams Family perhaps??

  2. a point that i actually made myself and that Emily stole from me, just for the record