Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Here, there, mohair

I bought a copy of In Style the other day. Slightly surpirsed that everything in it is now expensive. When I used to read that magazine, back in the day when I was slightly more in style than my current Boden-Mummsy-Only Clean Item Left- style, there were some high street buys. Not any more. So, apparently, the yarn du jour is mohair. The allure of the mohair sweater, etc etc.
I had a look in town on Saturday and did see quite a few knitted items, with long loopy stitches, batwings, dodgy textured panels...
So I have purchased some mohair wool at a knock-down price. Enough wool for a long-line cowl neck loopy knit jumper in 60% kid mohair, plus the pattern book for a mere 20stg.

Now I went for Rouge. Trashy or Classy?

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