Thursday, 31 July 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

So, Patrick was in The Cut- men only, grrrr, hairdressers the other day when he saw an advert in the Belfast Telegraph, quite possibly the poorest written paper in the UK.

"Elderly couple seeking competent driver
for weekend shopping trips and lunch.
Must have own car or be able to drive an automatic."

Patrick phoned them up and played every one of his toff cards, casually mentioning that he was a solicitor, that he had return to do some further studies and the accent was as cut-glass as I have ever heard it. The old guys were less then excited about clambouring into the back of a Mini so Patrick duly told them that he could drive an automatic and that he had found it to be "fine". Of course he hasn't been anywhere near the driving seat of such a car in all his days.

The interview last night seemed to go well and he has ended up in a fairly flexible situation where these guys are going to give him a call when they fancy an outing. The husband has some sort of dementia possibly, so I am sure it will all be great craic, and I suspect his wife is keen for some sensible company. Not quite sure where Pat fits into this equation!

If anyone knows where I could find a peaked cap, let me know. And thanks to AF for his tips on driving an automatic. A friend in work said it was like driving a go-kart, AF suggested it was like a dodgem. I think Pat should stick with the go-kart analogy.

Well, carry on Jeeves.

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  1. Sorry, dont have a peaked cap but we have a See You Jimmy hat that is currently available for shopping trips and runs up to the coast, if that would be of any use?