Saturday, 5 July 2008

Teacher's pet

I am currently doing the Saturday morning adolescent diabetes clinic.
However! It is the first Saturday of the hols and it is raining heavily, so I am anticipating not all will turn up.
To brighten the mood I baked brownies last night for my colleagues to enjoy. This is the recipe I followed, but I am not convinced it is that good. Comments and better recipes welcome.

185g butter (I know, metric units. Bring back Imperialism)
275g golden castor sugar (I just used ordinary)
185g dark chocolate - good stuff
3 eggs
85g plain flour
60g (or maybe 40, I am writing this off the top of my head) cocoa powder

In the style of Gordon Ramsey, butter and sugar; beaten. Eggs; added. Chocolate; melted. Cooled chocolate; folded (in). Flour and cocoa; ditto.
Now, I gave it 25 mins in a mod oven (~160 c). The I put another 8 mins on the timer because it looked pretty liquid still. However, I was watching the first ever Starwars film (for the first ever time!) and so I didn't hear the buzzer and it got a bit longer - though no idea how much longer.

The top of it is nice and flaky but it is really damp and squigy inside. I guess I remember the recipe from the Good Housekeeping children's cookbook which was perhaps a more spartan recipe (also made by a 9 yr old) in which it was all quite biscuity apart from a chewy middle.

2 questions
(a) is the current vogue for desert-like brownies universal or did I just muck up the recipe?
(b) do you have a better recipe?


  1. I think brownies are supposed to be squidgy inside and that perhaps the 1970s british take for the under-10 set was perhaps the unorthodox version? Anyway I do have a fab martha stewart brownie recipe which, to my mind at least, is famous for sending Morgan and Alice doolally with a sugar high leading them to sprint round the island with a (stolen) brownie in each hand, alternately giggling like maniacs and going sshhh sshhhhh. It's that good.

    Do I get a prize for being the first to comment?

  2. Unorthodox they may be, but I still make the Children's Good Housekeeping version (omitting the walnuts and adding chocolate fudge icing) and I think they are very good.
    When is the next posting?