Friday, 25 July 2008

General Friday Chat

Very little has happened this week and certainly nothing has happened that was worth photographing. Therefore, sorry that this entry is not such a hoot as previous. A few points to clarify though.

1. I do acknowledge that the photograph of my "wonderful" pancake actually doesn't look that hot. Or rather, that it had been cooked too hot. 'Well-fired' was one comment I received. I think I have 2 options here

(a) make excuses to my large readership and claim that all the other pancakes were fab and that one was an exception
(b) tell my by now dwindling readership that I don't give a monkeys and if they can make better pancakes then they can post their own photos.

Yay! What an idea! A pancake competition! Realistically, am I ever going to write the next Chocolate and Zuchinni blog? There is no point in trying to make this blog have broad appeal.

I have not yet decided what the prize will be for the lucky winner. Watch this space.

2. I put an offer in on another house. All very nerve wracking. This is the property which was described by a 1st degree relative as massive and ugly and overpriced.

OK, it is not yet perfect- far from it. However I have high hopes regarding its potential and in a few years time (read 10+) I am sure it will be passable. In the meantime I have contacted the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum to see if they would like to come and take away the boiler for one of their exhibits. I hope to hear from the estate agent on Monday. Dad would have been proud of me - I offered 84K less than the asking price. Ballsy no?

That's all folks.
But just to keep you happy, here is a photograph of Patrick rowing.

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