Saturday, 8 November 2008

DIY dunce

Remember I was so happy and pleased with myself when I mended the drawer in the kitchen?
The top drawer, housing the cutlery is knackered.
I suspect partly through over vigourous drawer closing, and partly because the unit itself is wider than the drawer and so the runners weren't that secure. The problem is I can't pull the drawer right out to mend the hinge on the frame, so the thing is banjaxed.
Any suggestions? Glue? Brute force? Shout at any viewer (Ha! That's the real joke!) who tries to open the drawer to check out the "quality" of the kitchen? Prayer?


  1. I would like to help but cannot understand your problem. What hinge do you have on a drawer? Maybe that is why the thing got stuffed up on the first place?! On a practical note I suggest puting your cutlery somewhere else and only storing little-used items e.g. aprons, silver teaspoons, linen napkins, embroidered shower-cloths in the dodgy drawers. (The only frequently used thing I have at the moment is the corkscrew, in my experience just about everything else can be stored in the garage.) The carcasses are generally standard sizes, what about demolishing drawer #1 and making a new Ikea one and then hanging it on Ikea runners?

  2. Unfortunately I cannot get the knackeared drawer out of the carcass. The runner is attached to the carcass and one of its screws has come undone however, I cannot seem to disengage the drawer at all from the runner. It is most irritating. Also, the drawers and runners are from Ikea, but the carcass is not (MFI 1997) and the ikea drawers are just slightly smaller than the MFI carcass. Therefore, when I was screwing the runner things into the sides of the carcass I couldn't screw them home totally or else they would have been too far away for the drawer to run on them. Basically, drawer number 1 got knackered because of 10 years of hard wear from ~12 tenants. Drawer 2 is knackered due to 3 months hard wear from 1 particular person...!