Friday, 7 November 2008

Starter for 10

Wedding Menu Suggestions arrived today from the Yellow Door. Here are the starters they have offered...

  • Hot Smoked Irish Salmon with Horseradish Potato Bread, Pea Shoots and Lemon Aioli

  • Gravadlax of Irish Salmon With Horseradish Pannacotta, Baby Salad Leaves, Citrus Oil and Vine Tomato Concasse
  • Roast Irish Seafood on Warm Potato Salad With Kilkeel Lobster Veloute
  • Queen Scallop Nicoise with Fried Chorizo, Lemongrass and Coriander Dressing
  • Parmesan Crusted Baked Irish Cod With Grilled Asparagus, Baby Basil and Lemon Aioli
  • Pan Fried Proper Smoked Haddock Brandade Cakes With Garden Pea Puree, Pea Shoots
Don't they all just sound fantastic?! I am particularly keen on the first one I have to say. Although I think the scallop would be nice, I don't think it would be appropriate for the whole gang and the gravadlax doesn't totally rock my world.

Thoughts people?


  1. I am starving, I could eat the whole lot right now. They all sound magic but I do agree with sticking with a cold starter, it should be blazing June after all.

  2. I am particularly keen on the hot smoked salmon idea. That is a thing I really enjoy eating. Most people like smoked salmon but hot-smoked would just be a little bit different. Also I love horseradish.