Thursday, 27 November 2008

with love from you to me

Birthday and Christmas requests/ suggestions

I would be delighted to receive

Slippers (shoe size 4-4.5)
PJs – prob size 12, depends how baggy they look- maybe size 10
Dressing gown
Teasmade – seriously. Would be too embarrassed to put it on a wedding list though
Hot water bottle
Nigella Lawson Christmas cookbook
Fancy liquid soap
Size 6 ½ gloves to match purple coat – so black probably
Writing paper or notelets
Scented candles- or non-scented ones too!
A nice woollen jumper – again size 10 if it looks baggy, 12 if a neater fit; any autumnal / berry shade would be great, though probably not teal (have big cardi) or purple (trying to knit own cardi). Ideally something decent and moderately classy, though ultimately something warm.

I already have/don’t need/no thank you
Clothes from Mackays – don’t think their stuff fits me too well
Any house related / cooking / bed-linen items – I plan on putting them on our wedding list

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