Saturday, 22 November 2008

This old house

Well, great news on the home front. Nigel, the viewer who was here the other day has arranged a second viewing!!! I am delighted. His house is under a compulsory purchase order so the council can do something with the land it is on, so he has to buy. Also, you get pretty good money in a sale like that.

He and a pal are coming round on Tuesday to have a second look. I am trying not to be too optimistic, because obviously, as soon as he puts his hand to the side of the fireplace he'll feel the damp and may just run out the door. However Patrick thinks Nigel is gay and so maybe he is just coming back round to see old Pat. Frankly, whatever it takes. I need this house sold!

Incidentally, when I had the builder round the other day he was talking about essential work to do in a house, and mentioned DPC!! I was amazed, I didn't know that the crockery of the deceased was as popular here as it undoubtedly is en Ecosse.

Turns out he was talking about a damp proof course.

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